Cold As Love

'Let me cry' she said in a whisper
The cold wind hitting her face so bitter
Her tears flow like a silent river
Her body racked with shivers
She longs for him to embrace her
But when she tried to wake him he wouldnt stir
His breath comes not as frequently
Death's presence lingers so icily
Breathing down her neck...watching her pain
As it seeps through her veins
She screams for him to stay
As the sky slowly turns gray
And the rain falls from the blackened sky
All you could hear were her sorrowed cries
'Why does she cry? '
She sits by his side as he dies
Never breaking her gaze of his deep brown eyes
The brown and emerald eyes continue to stare
She suddenly becomes unaware
Of the freezing rain that hits her snow white skin
She holds him in her arms
In an innefective attempt to shield him from harm
And as he dies she whispers in his ear...
'You never saw me as yours, but you will forever be mine'
Their hands entwined
His touch becomes cold as his body is lifeless
Their memories together were timeless
She stands as she starts to walk away
Off the path she strays
She walks to the cliff's edge
Staring down at the deadly fall, she says
'I love you', into the dark world
She steps over the edge and swore
That she heard his voice once more
Saying: 'Ive always loved you.You are the only one I could ever adore.'

by lindsay stone

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