JD ( / Danbury, Connecticut)

Cold Blooded Woman

Heartless and cold I'm said to be.
It takes a whole lot to deal with me.
Compound, complex, I am you see
Not willing to give or sacrifice.
I warn people not more than twice.
Either you care for me or you don't.
Even though you will many times I won't.

If telling the truth is mean,
then I'm very keen at being inflexible.
I f you must cope with me.
Be prepared to encounter the real you.
I only deal with honesty.

I'll tolerate a lie.
Sit back and patiently watch it die,
that you might live.

I won't lift a finger while you are drowning,
because I know you can swim.
I won't close my eyes because
the lights are not going out.
They are just getting dim

, no cause for alarm
even though danger threatens.
I shall be your protection
and you the protected! !

by Josephine DixonBanks

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