Cold Chill

Poem By Angel of Darkness

The moment has come to wake from this dream
The time has come for the shadows to gleam
So here we stand behind the sun that shines
People and faces begin to blur with time

I can feel the sickness growing in my chest
How can they say this was for the best?
When I turned to say my last goodbyes
I saw the hate that grew in their very eyes

I was left to stand alone in my own pile of fears
Forced to unleash the pain built on so many years
I crumbled to the ground, no longer held high
My head swayed on my shoulders as I began to cry

I could feel the cold chill me from within
But this time I welcomed all of it in
I held my head in my hands and laid on the ground
The walls that once held me up, began to fall back down

My face faded away from the pictures on the wall
Friends walked away pretending I wasn't there at all
I tried to grasp the reality that spat upon me
But it's hard to grasp anything when you cant even see

I crawled to my feet half crazed at the world I'm in
Angry that I'd never have the chance to try this again
The all familiar hopelessness crept through my pores
Unleashing such hate and anguish through my mind's doors

I clawed my way through the shadows that were all around
But they filled my lungs until I couldnt make a sound
Choking me until my world began to grow dark and cold
My life flashed beyond my eyes until my body began to fold

I began to wither away like my once passionate desire
Whatever I had left in me burned away in life's fire
I tore at myself, limb from every limb
Until all I had left was the black soot within

Goodbye to all those out there who never gave a damn
This is how I felt when you left me to die again
A part of me gave away when you hung up on the telephone
Your last words haunting me until the day I died alone

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Huh... by the far the best poem I have ever read... I ve become your fan :)

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