TBP ( / Streator, Illinois)

Cold Gray Dawn

Cold is the heart embittered by a lifetime of pain.
Over four decades of scars, that will forever remain.
Locked up in a dark box, in the depths of my tormented soul.
Damned to a life of loneliness that can never be called whole

Gray and cold is the heart that has seen it's loved ones placed in the grave.
Riches and power not even glory of fame, could any of them save!
All breathed their last breath, and passed off this earthly scene.
Yet, my heart cries out in pain, never again to be serene.

Dawn is cold and gray in a heart that has no more room for hope.
As life's bitter end comes, and to life's last breath I hopelessly grope.
When that time finally comes what final words shall I spawn?
Never again shall ever witness another meaningless cold gray dawn.

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