Cold Marble

So sure that the dream would last forever
Here I am now, just able to see the high water mark of emotions tide.
Shattered and left a hollow state,
My clay frame cracked.

Buck toothed hill dwellers swarm the shadows
The clock is breathing, organic mechanisms
Hidden beneath the orchard the child at the dropp of an apple yearns for wonderland.
As Alice walks in shadows she tries to understand.

Dying coral - drifting currents
Carry the ocean - we are the sea bed of future times
It is we who are the fossils of the future
We who now await the sun
We the young - born to be forgotten
Born fresh amongst the rotten
And lost to memories decayed through intoxication.

All we are is all we ever were
All we ever could be
Laugh for the time is now and never any other in fading.
Cold marble pressed against sweating skin
The floor of my asylum is a rivulet of luxury
Decadent memories of a former life stir reminiscence upon the midnight hour
I'm falling in failing to rise
Keeping open with a hope in faith my eyes
Still I fall
Still I am calling on lost gods.

I can hear above a promenade of whispers faint murmurings,
Memories of a life long since lived.
Clouded shadows guard my window pane.
My dog is a dog his own
Guardian of my home and soul support in times of need.
How many perversions can share he nightshade deadly to the virgins touch?
Old friends are loosing sense of themselves
The words they re arrange themselves
Leaving me in a placid state

I celebrate this secret bliss of mine
In holding hands with father time
Woven tight with silken gold
We are forever young and never old.
Could it be that I m to adorn the mask of disbelief
When all that surround me is a miracle sublime.

This moment yours and forever mine.
This moment out of time.

by David Lacey

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