Cold Room 6

Poem By Ros Venn

Room 6 is always cold,
Sun radiators and energy efficient lights have no effect,
Exams, English and French all in Room 6,
Two levels Higher and ordinary,

I have gained a chill and a coldfull headache, From Room 6,
I now wear a light navy jacket with pale pink/white hands,
My last few days here and I do not pity those who will be hereafter,
Almost an Adult but by some treated like a child,

5 days of the week and too many classes in Room 6,
Voices, humour, snobbery and friendship,
Room 6 I always feel hungry,
I'm like a furnace which fuel is burnt,

Room 6 I will not miss you,
I'll be in a warm gym room,
I will be a college student,
Dreams, hopes and fears for the future.

Comments about Cold Room 6

You should have had a hot bottle connie
Sounds like you have had enough of Room No.6 Ros. Sounds like it's a place that holds one back and limits creativity, individuality and all things warm and inviting which is what life should be about. Your last stanza is uplifting and welcoming to a better future, albeit one that it is unknown. In life, we all worry about the future but we also hope and aspire. At the end of the day, we mould who we are through our experiences and our openness to change, difference and achievement. Best of luck, Ros. Well done!
not to bad what happen in room 5

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