Cold Turkey It Is

Change will be made.
Would you prefer your change to make,
Cold turkey?
Or would you like it quickly heated.
To be eaten immediately?
The choice is yours to decide.

'But...I...I'm totally unprepared.
I need more time to think about it.'

Let's see.
I am talking about change.
And you want to introduce your thoughts.
Let's eliminate this conflict.
With it done to make even clearer.
Change will be made 'now'.
What you think about this process,
Is no longer an option.
Heated quickly to eat?
Or cold with it done immediately?
Take your pick but know this...
Your change is 'now' to be made.


Sounds great to me.
Cold turkey it is.
You could not have made a better choice.
Some have said the heat slows digestion.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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