Cold Wet Blade

Put the cold wet blade to my wrist agian
wet from the blood already lost
deeper the cuts go
trying to feel the pain
Im so lost
Im numb to the world
I wake up each day wish that this will be my last
I go to bed each night hoping not to wake
empty the bottle down my throut agian
Maybe finally this will be the end of it all
The end of my pain
The end of my tears
Now you wont be able to hit me agian
No more yelling
Now only quiet
Turn up the Music
Close my eye
Rest my weak head on the pillow
Just sleep
Oh no awake agian
Just sick from the night before
Why cant it end
I cry to myself
This is an EVERY day thing
So press the blade agian alittle deeper
and do it all over agian

by Kiele Kane

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i really like your poem... i have the same habit.