Cold Winters Day

Walking down the road on a cold winters day
Singing all of the way, not carrying a load
Walking toward my abode, stride by stride
Shoulders back, standing strong and so glad that I’m not wrong
Feeling six feet tall
Life is just a ball

Looking around seeing kids playing, seeing kids smiling
There’s no denying, life’s a ball!

While walking down the road on this cold winters day
A thought comes to mind, like a rush of sunshine
What will these kids be like in 20 years time?
Will they see others just like me?
Or will they struggle in this world to find their very own bubble

You see, kids smile when they are young and free
Yet adults don’t, they often forget there own inner child, frowning
Keeping it in with a quite sounding
Wouldn’t it be great if we all smiled, felt free?
Smelt the flowers of life and feel the breeze, instead of the squeeze

Walking down the road on a cold winters day
I feel like a millionaire, just breathing and smelling the air
For on this walk I stop and talk to kids playing
I hear their voices saying “we will remember”, “We will stay free”
Keep smiling I say and today will carry on, until tomorrow and so on

All this on a cold winter’s day

by Craig Piercy

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