Cold Wooden Benches

Sitting alone all day on cold wooden benches.
Wishing i was with you every moment.
I can hear the wind blowing in silence btw the branches.
Trying to glince at your shadow or notice a footprint.

But the snow is white and clear.
I can only see my footsteps till they dispear.
It's so peaceful around me there's no fear.
Cause your sweet gentle voice is all i hear in my ears.

You are living in my veins breathing my air.
Inside i trumble i am scared hiding behind.
I want to see you infront of me so the pain i can bear.
Iam affraid i lost you forever cause your trace i can't find.

Break the wall of issues with one word.
Come back from your coma let's embrace.
I need you beside me i am alone in this scary world.
And each day is running fast from my life like a horse race.

by anthony fiji

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