Coldly Knocking

Sounds of mourning emerging from the sorrow of loss, emptying
itself into this fateful heart.

Pushing, dropping fears of yesterday's demise, afraid to delve
completely into mires of grief once again.

Knowing it is inevitable just the same, not choosing to become
a part of it right now this minute.

Hammering away, chipping at this broken heart, tears coldly
knocking at the door of my mind, not leaving me alone in the
loss of a loved one.

Keeping me lost inside, wandering aimlessly without a life any
longer on earth.

Deeply within are treasured moments, arranged in memories of
all the times we had together.

Splendid pictures and images sparkling in time, taunting me
now, because I cannot relive them anymore in reality, just
watching them on inner photographic screens for seconds at a

Being locked within myself at their insistence to be seen,
trying very hard to live a life that I cannot seem to find
any longer.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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