MW (14 July 1973 / Berent)

Life's Clock

The clock of life is wound just once
That no one has a second chance
To change your very life of ease
Which you have lived just as you please
Knowing whom you intend to deceive
When they went they went on their knees

The hands go tick-tock every chance
They know they do this all but once
For time will not stay still and prance
While you forget your very chance
To wind the time so it could chime
And bring peace of mind at the right time

The sound you hear from time to time
Reminds you that you must keep in line
For life’s clock never seem to chime
Until the enemy steals your time
The alarm you heard sounds fine
Informs you that there is little time

The second hand at so fast a pace
Goes on and on to win the race
Not looking back to see the space
Fear it may meet with utter disgrace
So clock of life how do you dare
Compare your time to atmosphere

The things you do as time now stands
Will help shape you for eternity’s band
The ones you’ve rescued from false alarms
And those you’ve sheltered from life’s storm
Could be the center for your alarm
When time seems still and there’s no charm

The clock of life ticks on and on
For here on earth there is no man
To stop the hand when it strikes one
Nor telling it the time to quit
But there’s one who controls life span
He sets an exit time for every man

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