(April 19th 1992 til infinity. / Monterey Park. Raised in H.H.)

Collapse To Relapse

I knew it was going to happen
When the sand shifted to begin
Tragedy without suffice on route 66th
Flashing before my life or was it 55th
Memory frozen locks
Temporarily given shocks

Glass crashing out the terminal
Head spinning in the tunnel
Loss of control to be in flow
Time to grasp a heavy blow
To my heart it sank as we skit
Beats unnatural rolling unfit

Flying out of broken windows
Oh no were going down shallow
Upside down feeling so small
Release the belt falling on call
Gaze to my left see my father bleeding
Dust subsiding its all moaning

I knew it was going to happen
That's why I buckled his
Five minutes before this
Far to be without a reason
As i wonder how to give in
Wipe the bloody eyes
See the diesel pouring into mess

Cannot find a open hope of light
Cannot see a way out of what might
Be the end of happiness
Be the tender loneliness
Glad it wasn't true
As a helicopter flew
Over us like a angel far above
Came to save some people far below

Who went down stream
Later that day my frame was in pain
Lungs coughing earth
Only clogging beneath
Knew it was going to happen
To my disbelief
Turned out real fluff

As now I peek
A new destiny to seek
Wouldn't have been here
If it weren't there
That we went through
Passing such a rough

I knew it was going to happen
But I didn't know why it had happened
Hoping never lightened
Sitting as I'm frightened
Crashing never brightened
Taste like nails in my mouth

Feels like I'm sailing without
Any idea of a path
On Anyone's behalf
Felt like I was dying
Felt like I was nothing
World collapses
As I go through relapses

Some days somewhere
Can't go anymore
Collapse to relapse
Collapse to relapse
Collapse to relapse....

by Anthony Han

Comments (3)

very intense.............. u left me speechless
I pray for you, my friend. Keep writing, your poetry is good.
Like it, a great poem, a great write. May i invite you to read my new poem called, Avoid.