Some days are better than others
Some days worse than the ones we call bad
Some days we are content and happy
Some days we are sad.
Some days the world is so tiresome
Some days everyone and everything should rest
Some days we are so confident
Some days we think our decisions are best.

Some days the sun shines
Some days it doesn’t
Some days the sky is full of stars
some days it’s just dark and vacant.
Some days life is so pretty
Some days life goes to your head
One day you will read this poem
And I'll be long dead


by Arsiema Berhane

Comments (2)

Very fine use of repetition as a poetic tool. The message is also fine. The last two lines might be thought of as despair, but I read hope in them - that your words will survive to instruct the future.
So true - life does have its ups and downs - and thank goodness for that! How awful it would be if every day were the same. WEll observed poem and nice rhyming scheme. Very powerful ending too :)