VG (24/01/1979 / Epsom, East Surrey)


You’ve never tasted better until I licked your scars
Push this into your blindness sensation, helpless, humiliate
My loving victim of circumstance my idol of weeping stars
Power sincere as I caress your wounds, sting and copulate

In the blackness of your unknowing I am watching all
My desire burns under this coldest exterior of control
Unto me you beneath my every commanding call
Sense my breath upon your skin as I am nearing to unfold

You will arrive in this entrapment of pleasure and sin
Leather undoes this skin, blindfold to increase this sense
For this slave shall taste my hand and feel all within
This racing heart never calmed by my suspense

Only friend now is your own soul torn apart
This snapping whip awaken to the new pain
This fear I smell from your every curvaceous part
Where art thou I wonder around your blinded gain

This suffering so un-wasted on the luxury of you
Nails trace a line before I strike you there
A flinch, a cry, a destiny, humiliating exercise I do
My borders are strong as every cry reaches without care

Your becoming is your torture so clipped and fastened
Here where you belong in this collared sanctuary
Bent forwards and swung back your endurance heightened
So fragile and weak you feel pull the wings of a fairy

You may please me and you may beg for your merciful release
Crying for submission as I reap your haemorrhaged heart
My respect and love I have for you, your body is my fleece
Always and forever to be this way, until the day that souls depart

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