Collected Madness Accepted

As you read this...
The wicked witches have brewed their fix.
Conflicts have addicted an avoidance to mix...
Those who adventured to trick with splits,
And those who prefer to be left in quiet sits.

Agitating divisions have increased.
Relationships have since decreased.
Backbiting has found itself on the rise.
And the shallow minded now are the ones to cry!

As you read this...
Those of higher consciousness continue to resist,
An obvious planting of encouraged dementedness.
And a struggle to hold onto values crumbling to the ground...
Scattering those responsible,
For a quality of life lost...
Never again to be ever found.

Since a racistness supporting a separateness...
Had followers believing,
This greed they fed would leave them receiving...
The benefits of threatened interests!
And it has...
Left them!
In a unified and collected,
Madness accepted!

Inflicted to intervene with rumors of peace.
Sold to protestors to wear on tee shirts...
Marketed and released!
For a price to pay.
As you read this day after day.
Numbing these events...
That come to stun and are here to stay!

Unless those brave,
Confront them with mental strength.
To condense them,
And erase them away!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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