I used to collect all cuddly toys
The kind for little girls and boys
Then I changed to collecting brass
And different kinds of coloured glass
Of course videos came along
Musical one's with dance and song
Soon we were into vintage cars
The ones you get with tokens off of jars
Then along to stretch the brains
Came the one who collected trains
First it was all the steam
Lovely memories peaceful dream
There were the ones who love dogs and horse
Room was running out of course
As time and tide and seasons rolls
Now I find I am collecting dolls
As I sit and think of life
With all its stress and all its strife
We all should know right from wrong
We find the strength to carry on
What makes a man become a thief
To leave behind him so much grief
To take what's bought with love and care
memories are snatched are now not there
I now know they have no feelings
They just enjoy all the stealing
all the horror all the mess
They just laugh at our distress
But I know that my greatest treasure
They did not hurt beyond measure
We were left so very down
Our smiles were changed into a frown
But I thank God up above
He left me my one true love

by Elizabeth White

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