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College: Black Body
(Jan.20,1943 / Oklahoma)

College: Black Body

I. Imagine a stack
Of razor blades
Bolted together
Polished edges
Forming a blunt mass…
Who would guess the
Blackness of that face?

II. Picture Pandoran box
Harboring atom pulse;
No less a voyeur
The scientist peering
Through revealing keyhole
Finds an interior
Darker than any light.

III. Such an inscrutable blackness
Is called a black body;
Acceptance of its existence
Gave birth to uncertainty
Blurred the determinism
Of an earlier age…
And color returned to God's cheeks.

IV. Though it might not seem worth mentioning,
This dark, absorbing mass when heated
Radiates such bright intensity
That man has yet to find its equal;
Long before black bodies start to burn
All other forms have been destroyed;
Darwin might have seen a truth in this.

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Comments (4)

this poem and the second line of your Poet's Notes shall now go into August 2017's showcase. i still don't 'get it', but, luckily i DON'T NEED TO GET IT! ! ! bri :) p.s. you haven't called me back. i cry myself to sleep each night, WAITING! ! !
In Poet's notes: I think lying around the house, not laying, Mr. Gang Member. :) AND doesn't blackness have SOMETHING to do with color? Isn't 'the 'color' caused by the wave lengths of reflected light? So..... I have always held the mechanistic view of the universe! Don't upset my apple cart. The Principle of Uncertainty. I thought that was MY invention after three marriages. Do I HAVE to read the poem now? OK. : ( .................... In stanza 2, doesn't the definition of......; oh, never mind! In your Poet's Notes, which I usually am happy to see after a poem [not sure THIS time], I think you read an awful LOT into stanza 4. I doubt most people, even geniuses [ such as myslf] would ever see what you 'see' in it. But the note is certainly interesting. I liked the poem more than the 'Notes'. The poem was shorter [MUCH]. TO MyPoem List..... for the heck of it. And rate 9.... for the Hell of it. bri :)
the note makes it a rewarding read. I find the 3rd stanza most interesting. evocative poem indeed.
Another point of interest we share - astrophysics. I've always been awed by the night sky of this physical universe in which we find ourselves. Love the poem, however it is a creation linked to MEST universes. (The universes of matter, energy, space and time) . From my perspective there are many of these, they simultaneously co-exist and are separated within vibrational bands not unlike electromagnetic bands here in the physical universe. As Soul evolves in eternity it acquires the knowingness of the existence of these bands and the knowledge of switching the tuner. I watched a program the other day on the H2 channel......it was dealing cosmos and the mechanics driving the creation of galaxies, stars, planets, moons, etc. etc. It even touted the efficiency with which black holes convert matter to energy and postulated how some advanced civilizations could tap into that energy source to serve their needs. Bottom line, I love this poem!