VKN (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

College Days

First year class room,

i call it heaven,

subu mam was our guardian angel,

the discipline in charge was a big devil,

every step in stairs i walked in the morning,

took one step closer to my heaven,

the taste of cafeteria's food,

who cared?

All we wanted was just sit n have it together,

we talked more than the whole college have eaten,

The games we played in beach, where nobody lost,

satyam n ega, where we worshiped movies,

Spencer's plaza our hangout paradise,

queen's land trip brought us too close,

we all learnt that there is something common in us,

i don't know what to call it,

or how to name it,

but i learnt the meanings where i cant found anywhere else,

the meaning of love, life, pain, smiles and tears,

the smiles we smiled went off in air,

the tears they fall of and dry,

but those moments preserved in hearts as sweet memories,

the words we wrote on the boards,

they could rub,

the stories we wrote on exam papers,

they could burn,

the names we wrote on benches,

they could rust,

the pictures we drew on walls,

they could paint,

but the memories we wrote in each others heart,

they last till last!

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