Colonial Nostalgia

Why is it people decide,
To move from beautiful places?
It might be the cost of living.
Taxes to pay by those taxed to the max.
Services expected,
That have been pushed back.
The rising popularity of corruption.
But it seems many leave such places,
Because of one simple fact.
Ignorance and incompetence has been allowed,
To deplete the quality of life.
And attracting folks like locusts to focus,
On greed, division and conflict.
To diminish a diversity,
Once known and loved to slip away.
Abandoning beautiful places to decay.
Leaving those ignorant AND incompetent,
Chosen to lead the people...
Repeating their addicting stupidity.
At their expense to prove the effectiveness,
Of their own dumbdownness to pride.
In monumental style and colonial nostalgia.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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