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Color Me

Color Me

In lavender shades I think of you
with soft accents of calm blue
in dreams I'm lost in misty form
instilled visions of yesterdays that were warm

foggy thoughts seem now gray and worn
for tomorrow is weary, as feelings torn
as the sunshine that fell upon my face
is but a memory concealed, hindered by life's chase

bewildered and wanting the hearts desire
I'm reminded that love lost it's fire
alone seems desperate as helpless feelings grow
questions without answers for myself, I'm ignorant I know

darkness covers my eyes in dull shades of gray
as I recall a time when I love you was easy to say
like a vapor of mist I seem to disappear in a crowd
but inside my heart I still cry out loud

color me lonely as I stand in tears
and look for escape in upcoming years
a heartbeat runs pure red
but it's the next heart beat I dream

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