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Color Of A Woman's Hair

Why does a woman color her hair?
Does she do it out of sadness and maybe despair,
Or maybe she is in disguise, from some roaming eyes
Or maybe she is exiting from an illicit affair.

Isn't she the same person underneath those roots?
She might as well change the color of her own shoes and boots,
Her hair might be dyed, but she is still the same person on the inside
With her goodness or badness, or with a soul that pollutes.

The color of a woman’s hair doesn't change whom she is
It would be the same as a bald man wearing himself a wig,
They are the same person, with their lying, cheating and cursin’
With a different hair color do they believe it is easier to renege?

Why would a woman impregnate her hair white?
Does she not know that now that she is in everyone’s headlight,
Maybe she does believe, that it will help her soul grieve
Or maybe she does it for shame and she hates her old sight.

Does the color of a woman’s hair reflect their true acts?
Does being a brunette mean to ignore her faith and all the facts,
If a woman is blond, to adventure and recklessness is she truly fond
And does a redhead mean rage, so keep her away from a knife or an axe

Why does a woman need or want her hair bleached?
Did she become that woman that she once against had preached,
Or maybe she thinks it will make her soul pure, I am not for sure
Or maybe her mind and dignity has finally been breached.

Why does a woman not keep the hair color that she is given?
Does she believe changing her hair color will help her be forgiven,
Or maybe she is just bored, and she seeks out a new reward
Who truly knows why coloring her hair, a woman is always madly driven.

Randy L. McClave

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