PE (May 27 / Fort Polk, Louisiana)

Color Of Her Heart

She paints her nails black
her mascara blends in
when she wipes away her tears
She tries to be strong and hide her fears

She paints her nails black
she'll match any style around
from punk rock to glam chic
there's no stopping that beautiful chick

She paints her nails black
wakes up each morning and
decides who she will be that day
till the tears come and she pushes them away

She paints her nails black
is it who she has to become
or who she chooses to be
she is simple, elegant, depressed ol me

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Comments (4)

I liked all your poems and you. You seem like a type of friend that I could have.
the color of your heart is golden and it shines through this poem! amazing write!
i think people choose to be who they are not that life affects them.u can be in a second sad and at the next happy its totally up to u.
very deep. i like it a lot and love the way you flowed