Colorful Shades Of Youth ...

As Published by NLP in Best Poems of 1996

Colorful scenes that bridge our life, are with us every day,
like crimson sunsets of our youth, that led us on our way.
Lathering surf that rode waves of storm, rising high above,
all youthful treasures from my heart, scenes so full of love.

These cherished moments of colors bright, no so long ago,
in restful memories from the heart, sets my thoughts aglow.
The threshold from the past till now, need not be so far,
for chimes of time travels on, beneath the twinkling stars.

Descriptive feeling oft defines, these visions locked inside,
of life's treasures that I carry, now and then are put aside.
Diminished thoughts may surface, so distant from the past,
all born anew just reminding, these precious memories last.

The feeling of sand upon my toes, soft mud all around,
the naked sun of summer, seen drying on the ground.
The rays like crystals sparkling, on waters near the shore,
priceless moments of rich blue skies, in my heart I store.

Distant landscapes not far away, it's just state of mind,
forgotten youth still very near, in searching I will find.
Impinging scenes still vivid, in seclusion forms a part,
deep purple sunsets come alive, within my thankful heart.

by Harold Sutton

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