I Wonder

I wonder if i was
even worth your time.
But the saddest part
isn't that with each passing day
i feel like i need you more,
but it is the fact that you don't
need me at all.
So i guess when you truelly
love someone it's wanting them
to be happy in life, even if
it doesn't involve you.

I wonder if you even cared.
I left my heart with you.
You hold it in your firm grasp,
blood dripping through your fingers.
But all i ask is why are you crying
when you never wanted it in the first place.
All i need, all i want is to runaway.
From the disapproval,
from the pain, the hate.
The lies, false hope, disheavled love.
But that would be to easy, wouldn't it?
It would solve everything, make sense.
But it would mean i failed. At life, at everything.
It's time to comeback, prove them wrong.

by Nicole Gehrman

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