Colors And Colors

Joy! - to have him naked in the spine of my bed,
pressed between rumpled sheets of sexual splendor,
read his anatomy with desire, bursting red
with lipstick kisses that confide my surrender.

Desire! - to toss and turn, wanting him near at night,
when the intimacy of distance warms my breasts,
twin rosebuds in a field of dainty dreams delight
where sweet Bacchante cries for the wine she has pressed.

Passion! - to dance like two children without our clothes
until the rhythm consumes with fluid fusion -
one delighted water spout; one rapturous rose
and a milky moon to adorn the illusion.

Pleasure! - to be bathed in radiant rainbow hues
while an angel's tongue slithers its sweet perfection,
to feign running away when it's only a ruse
to find paradise in our ardent affection.

Defeat! - to be desirous in a lonely bed,
to torment the body with the hands of the heart,
with a banquet of melons and cherry lips spread
waiting and wanting for the procession to start.

Colors! - to be swept away and uplifted high
in the trapeze of flesh and the circus of bliss
in the sex of the mind and the soul of the eye
in the sigh of desire and the breath of a kiss.

by Linda Marie Van Tassell

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