Colors Of My Heart

Colors of my heart

Sad, sad, sad
Lost in sadness
My lover has gone
It has its funeral crepe on.

It was when I was newly wed
When I met her in Madrid, Spain
It got hot, very hot
it turned into red
if it fades a little
a little thought of her
makes it again hot, hot, red.

White, pure white
as white as white lillies
as white as evening jasmine
my heart is pure
as a virgin's bride's gown
no blemishes at all
I become a one woman man thereon.

When it has been in a slumber for long
after all women left him for long
and one morning when it sees a single
women in red, smiling at him and saying hello,
it suddenly turns from black to pink in no time at all.

by Ravi Kopra

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