Colors Of My Life

Colors of my life are grey, blue, black and white
Pouring from above and cropping from down below
Splashing from every direction that I know
Outlining every reason that exists
Coloring every season that persists

As I walk from ordeal to serenity
As I move through the curtains of smoky reels
Peace in white and grey slowly swaying with me
Every color making patterns unseen
Between me and that end dreamed
The one with the perfect evening by the willow tree

Waves attending to my feet
Washing them, they are worn out of me
Butterflies and moths fill the sky
Convincing me of their intention they want to be free
Silhouettes of the images gone by flashing in my head
They don’t have a plight they are never dead

Hint of the zephyr awaits me
Carrying with it the sweet fragrance
That always brings me to my knees
And makes me see the kaleidoscope of reveries
Presence of you is skin deep
All will go into the river that flows with the ether
My own color a blend of all of these
I am born in this melee every day
And deplete in the color of the silence of me

-A backache, A warm bed, some painkillers enough to set a mind free…



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