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Sweet Poison
GN (04.09.1980 / Kalyan (Mumbai))

Sweet Poison

Poem By Silentpoet Grl

Colorful is my love
Warm and cool is my love..

As Passionate as Red
As Intelligent as Blue
As Harmony as Green
As Sweet as Pink
As Cheerful as Yellow
As Friendly as Brown,
As Rich as Gold
As Precious as Purple,
As Elegant as Lavender
As Sophisticated as Turquoise,
As Royal as Black
As Pure as White.

Colorful is my love
Warm and cool is my love…
A prefect blend of all colors is my love..

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Comments (5)

lovely poem....10 my love is crimson red for others i am dead a danger with signal they fear my arrival i shall share and dare with you a company as wished by almighty
nice & simple words.. u are expressing good...go on...
....a fine composition.....10+
as all the colours of love reflexes brilliant as when courses upon by the rain bow byb the blue moon, wellpenned,10+, thanks for sharing
Love is a perfect panorama the way you describe it through colors! I loved it, a 10.