Colors Of The Many Skies.

colors of the many skies.

the melting cloud
white clouds
black clouds
I am still looking
Into that
Cloud like fog
Where the mountains vanished
Clouds where the sky vanished
The vastness of the skies
Where everything vanished
Where you vanished
And stars shine somewhere
In some other night skies

My thrust cremated
Volcanic angst
Invisible you
exhausted day gulps
Down sun
stars becomes one sun in the morning
sun becomes thousands of stars in the night

and day comes back

The whole universe
making, playing and dancing love
in it’s own ecstasy.

Supersonic Brahmos missle
Burst out to touch the sky
And a part of earth merged into, again that endless sky
Breaking through the point of intimacy.
Brahma the creator blessed
Just dived into in it’s another own wholeness
Into the many colouful acts
Dissolve into space
Embracing the whole sky

You cannot be betrayed
Betrayal not yet
Lied not yet
If you are shattered
With that all painful
Broken pieces of heart
Dissolve into me

Take a birth through me
Through my female fertility power
And let all the planets move on
Into this womb.
You cannot be a timid
with that lion heart
when you have finally released to merge with

A beautiful heart that you have
A beautiful heart that I have
Still reign high
Humanity we are still
Hands tight hold
Do not fall
Colors all in the sky still
And you…too

by Lovita J R Morang

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