Block, Lock!

Block, lock!
In the hole;
With the whole story of your love.

Frozen water!
White substances,
Drinking your hot tea at sea.

Bun, bunker!
Black tea,
Green tea,
Brown tea;
With Dan and Mark around.

Let peace give you hope and,
Let love give you life;
To eat properly for the sake of your health.

by Edward Kofi Louis

Comments (23)

I have enjoyed bathing in your words Many pass through life blinkered and miss the treasures that they pass through, sit next to and such is their loss Thank you for the pleasure of you well selected words tha you have given your fellow writer
How rich in visual images this poem is. And how direct and accessible. The fifth stanza brings to mind E.B. Browning's sonnet which begins How do I love thee? But this one offers less of the abstract and more in visual treasure. -GK
Very imaginative poem...With lots of pictures drawn in this wonderful poem...10++
Colors play vital roles in our lives. Great imagery. loved every lines of the poem. Rich in vocabulary it flows so nice. Thanks for sharing.10+++
We see colours in a narrow spectrum but we are blind to ultra violet or infra red I wonder what the poem would have been in these spectra However this was a brilliant piece of word play and imagery We were submersed in a rainbow of metaphor and a painting in soft water colour hues and bold acrylics A great piece thanks enjoyed.
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