Colors Passing Through Us

Purple as tulips in May, mauve
into lush velvet, purple
as the stain blackberries leave
on the lips, on the hands,

by Marge Piercy Click to read full poem

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I have enjoyed bathing in your words Many pass through life blinkered and miss the treasures that they pass through, sit next to and such is their loss Thank you for the pleasure of you well selected words tha you have given your fellow writer
How rich in visual images this poem is. And how direct and accessible. The fifth stanza brings to mind E.B. Browning's sonnet which begins How do I love thee? But this one offers less of the abstract and more in visual treasure. -GK
Very imaginative poem...With lots of pictures drawn in this wonderful poem...10++
Colors play vital roles in our lives. Great imagery. loved every lines of the poem. Rich in vocabulary it flows so nice. Thanks for sharing.10+++
We see colours in a narrow spectrum but we are blind to ultra violet or infra red I wonder what the poem would have been in these spectra However this was a brilliant piece of word play and imagery We were submersed in a rainbow of metaphor and a painting in soft water colour hues and bold acrylics A great piece thanks enjoyed.
I am diversified by you or yours color or your diversity I am the entity a full gratuity just for you O love; colorful love and you and you and you I am the new for every time.........................
Such fine imagery, such vibrant colors!
We see the colours clearly.
Wecsee the colours as if they were in a rainbow.
Such a great poem by Marge Piercy👍👍👍
for colors I'm dyed in diversities No monotonous touches my heart I am color I am flower I am lover I am all through happy player ........
There's nothing like feeling, tasting and connecting with the colors of the Chakras..nice poem.. a ten..
Reading through the poem you make me see and feel the beauty of each and every color.Best poem that can be written on this topic.
Reading through the poem I can see and feel the beauty of each and every color.Best poem that can be written on this topic.
Metaphorically speaking, this poem is a burst of color and rhyme that pleases and tantalizes the senses! We sometimes forget to take in surroundings that bask in colors and hues as if Nature is on a spree of pleasure all its own.
A colourful poem, brilliantly written............liked it.
How can anyone resist the urge to sit down and write our version of colors passing through us
Loved reading this poem, so vivid the colors and the rhyme.. time permiting request your attention to a recent poem I had added on an accidentally discovered color of October - Purple. I had penned a few poems on the dominance of Purple in October Purple Blooms of October. thanks
Fascinating world of colors, what would life be without colors.. beautifully picked the essence of each color and the life inspirations behind them.. thanks for sharing
Colours are very important in life. Nice work.