(March 2,1960 / Davao City, Philippines)


I search the world for answers
to the questions in my mind.
Although, it seems those answers
are the ones I'll never find.

In dark despair I call out.
I scream for help and light.
The source of deep depression
is something I must fight.

I try to ''keep my chin up''
and ''focus on the ball'',
but everytime I take a step
I also take a fall.

For those of us who fight them,
the demons in our head,
we have to force ourselves to sleep
each time we go to bed.

Without my faith in Jesus
and my love of family,
I don't know where I would end up
but I know I wouldn't be free.

by Mary Nagy

Comments (6)

very nicely written! :) best wishes, mehreen
I like this a lot Marvin, very expressively written! Lilly :)
Hello Marvin. Another beautiful poem. When you have time, check out my spiritual poems, 'The Anchor' or 'HIS'. Good works! LC
Marvin, this is sparkling and beautiful. Thank you.
hy Marvin Yes you are right - poets write through prisms radiating from the heart and mind, to be able to pluck beautiful words and fit them together to colour someone else's mind! well done! Jen x
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