i want to see you in red
Instead of blue
Every where is blue
Red is the colour of fighters
Fighters never give up their hope
Hope for the best
Even in the midst of troubles
But my favourite colour is white
Because it is the colour of all colours

by sekharan pookkat

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it is simply vibratory pokkat g the world of love...
Suhruthe, A nice poem on the colours of life. : : Red is the colours of fighters And the poet wants to see as a fighter. Wonderful invocation.
I read once about colors, according to that Red is the color of Man, because it is life, like the color of the blood, the Blue is the color of the Woman, it is spiritual, thinking, and woman is nearer to the spirit, and the white is the color of the angels, pure, clean, but be careful, if you have too many white around it can cause nervousness, because we humans are not angels yet.
Cute poem on significance of colours, red fir fighters well said