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Colour Me Beautiful
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Colour Me Beautiful

Poem By Miss Fairytale

Black and blue
Like bruises and tears
Still not breathing
No escaping this fear.

Bruise me 'til I'm black
and blue
I'll never know what this means
to you.

Never punched me, never hit me
It's all the lies
Spat from your dirty lips.

Maybe I could colour you
black and blue
Or red and purple

I stand listening
Fear each word
Anger surfaces
I blindly ignore.

Until this day
I've said not a word,
No you know what most think

I had to tell you through written words
But you don't believe them
You don't believe you've been torn open.

You can do that to yourself,
Maybe you'll awake to the world
Quit your realm of lies.

I'm still black and blue
Like bruises and tears
You took me for a fool
You'll never escape your fears.

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