Colour Me Blind.

Colour me blind in a world that is asphalt
Where sensations are blurred, emotions not felt
Damnation is welcomed with wide-open arms
And pity is shunned, like skeletal charms

A world that is cold, devoid of all feeling
The pleasures of flesh are less then appealing
Forsaking all kindness, with a heart that is stone
To evade love at all costs, and die all alone

What depth of despair, is a measure of mankind
To search ones own soul, a future to find
To struggle in fog, a mire of ones making
And find something of value, in a life not worth taking

To exist day by day, just awaiting some call
To survive is an instinct not living at all
Grasping at straws, and to pay any price
Theres got to be more to the meaning of life.

by Graham Jones

Comments (4)

Yes I know this feeling but like Dave said get a hug it helps. At least it does me. Deep write Graham. Patricia
How i know what you mean... Beautiful poem Graham. Peace, Valsa
I really think you need more Hugs Grey, , , , , just hug someone...long and'll feel much better nice read dave
A very beautiful and meaningful poem. I love the title. Regards, Sandra Fowler