Colouring The World

The world is painted red, yellow and blue,
The world coming into every boat view,
Red colours each bead on red sand,
All cultures rejoicing together,
As they clap their hands.
All cheer together as the boat sheds its crew,
The country welcoming people with a different view,
Each interaction burning like a dynamite fuse.

The heat simmers on desert sand,
As it burns leather skin,
The red ray of the rocks to let the desert win.
Scorpions wonder the heat of the sands,
Other insects hiding, after the sunset to re-land.
The cattle left to watch them,
Their day in the sun begun,
Rest for days on end,
Not bothered by the roughness below,
Wide eyes staring at the other brown buffalo.

Fish coloured purple, orange and yellow writhe,
Their oxygen breathing gills in the light of the water to thrive,
The dolphins pass by as they wave their tails,
The fish next to them, swimming side-by-side during any gale.
Seacreatures of every colour swim to survive,
And people are on the bay happy to thrive.
Photographers stay for hours,
The beach with few rules to abide,
People passing by the photographers,
Only too happy to oblige.

The wonders of the earth, like Miragra falls,
Feels the ground moving,
Mother Earth working for her own cause,
The earth when united becomes swift,
Every colours to rejoice,
In being one of earth's precious gifts.
All awed at the wonders: knowing their lives saved,
All waiting for the rainforest to flourish after rainy days.

by Paula Glynn

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