You say anything is possible
With love…
I think you are a Ruben
A heart much too-big-too-soft,
Yet beautiful

And I am a Monet
Where colours run together
Glimmer sunlight lilies float
On safe gardens in fields of
Poppy sunflower peace(no……….)

Monet is only what I dream…

Ah, what I would have given
To lie down in that field of poppies
Or on midsummer's eve
in Hughes' faerie ring
and find this anythingpossiblelove…

But alas, I am only Dali's meditative rose,
silentbeauty, inappropriately placed
loving one, who fights
his way through cutting stars biting-winds
of van Gogh's yellow-blue night

And the two of us, We try to escape
What has been and what is even now...
Until we hear Munch's torment-scream
beckon us back to this bleak realitylife
to lose, endure more nevergains.

But still I dream Monet of blended colours...

by Míchealín Daugherty

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