Colours Of Life

The sun, i see over the horizon
Shinning bight in the east
The moon dull and tired gone to rest
the birds are all over the sky
For the first time in the city of lights
I could see the sun rise
And the birds fly
The winds were not to strong
I could hear the birds sound
The flemigos played a verse from my childhood
The pigeons the character, clouds the set
The city so quite,
I can hear them sing
The hymn to rejoice.

Looking up i see the choir birds humm
And the dancing birds dance
The glorious sky, the might stage
Giving a roll to each child
Some to be born, some todie
And mourn not for the dead
For they shall rise, and
Join the family of stars to shine, and
For not the diamonds, the nights wouldn't be alive, and
If it wasn't for the night, the sun wouldn't be so bright.

by Rohit Poddar

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A nice poem, Rohit. Read my poem Love and L u s t. Thanks.