SMJ ( / Chandler, TX, USA)

Columns And Pillars

One must consider the pedestal
which raises to the sky
staunch and bold it stands tall.
One might ask the reason why? One must consider it a pillar
It supports the building
more than a filler! One must realize that it is a pillar
A MONARCH—not a butterfly
made of wood, of cedar—without filler
reaches upward to yonder sky! Then, one must consider the column
several, perhaps—all in a row
makes one become very solemn
to visualize strength without a bow! Pedestals require elevation
set higher (better) than the rest
and much concentration
whether they will stand the test. But, a pillar stands firm
it never budges or moves
It's overpowering—strength affirm
research, analysis, it behooves. See the columns measured in strength
One realizes the space in time
how masons calculated each length
surges beyond mortar and lime. Existing for centuries!

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