Columns Of His-Tory


Lives in ruin
Roman times
after the fall,
columns cracked
to remind
us all
that kings
do crumble

history centuries
back tell the stories
of future kings and
all the glory eventually
does crack and reveal
the true story

lives seduced
by data and
fame, defamed
in the consciousness
after the flames
of exciting expectation
of good,
burnt down
to the truth

corrupted by
that were made
to seduce

the herd with promises
freedom of time
and wealth
while those that
give the parties
do it by stealth.

knowing the end
game has nothing
to do with those
they've pulled in...

nor will it ever be

and even those
who believed
they were a part,
will be cast away
when it is dark.

gone is that dream
they were willingly
seduced to

It is time that
will decide and
show those who
not in charge
will be charged
for their naïveté
in thinking it
is progress

a group of supposed
prophets above
with money
and power
looked up to
with love and the
art to devour

marionettes pulling
the strings of the
populace to give
willingly their
civil liberties,
their humanity
for convenience of being
free of the mundane
tasks that give
life meaning
and true freedom in

mindful, knowing the
foreseen consequences
of following those
who promise to fulfill
the dreams, if they
give over their
right to think on
their own...

'Think Different'
he was the king
who taught us all
to dream and take
a bite from the
Apple of life

a device of
of ' i '

was made
for all in mind
to connect to
quality and

each other
to the quantity
of the world
combining art
with knowledge,
to be the captain
of ones own thoughts

the 'i' to inspire and
allow each
mind to think,
to think on
its own and
to own their

to digest
all the Intel-a-
to be bold
to behold and
to move the
human race

whereas as the
uncles had a
different plan
to take the kingdom
and the land

to boast quantity
and usurp quality
of thought, design,
individuality to
use your mind
and not think
of the box

don't drink the koolade
to be picked up at your
house, to be deduced
by branding that seems
so cute

in this fraternity

of brothers
excluding all others
as they do not care
as long as they
get theirs

for the moment

until history repeats
exposes the truth
for all eyes
to see that

technology, selling
information that
is already there
pitching an
amazing tool
of care, all the
while the pilgrims are
completely unaware

the selling of air
under the guise
if you buy or
become a fan
they'll save you

time that
you'll spend looking
at their wares

as the ware and tear
can not be seen
depleting the planet
of what is living

super oogle bluebook
all directing you to take
a look and get you
hooked on dystrophic
technology that is so
simplistic that it's
consequence is to
make droids of us

gone are the simple tasks
that gave depth to meaning,
to being, ALIVE

all masked beneath cute
marketing that masks
the truth that you
are not saving time

but wasting the space
in your mind...

and the
time you think you've
gained, is draining
your brain as
you bought their
time, their marketing
their air, their line

Chuck Close, the prolific
Painter wrote this quote:
'times saving devices are
despoiling the earth'.

Einstein said before
he died in 1955:
'In 60 years technology
will make idiots of us all.'

Intelligence is what
God has given us
at birth...but we are all
excited to buy in

saving time, silly apps
that trick our mind
to track what we
already know

and now they want
to sell us as cattle
and feed us

artificial intelligence
A.I. that's only worth
is in taking away
mans intelligence
to do the work

sew it's seams..

the schemes become
real as we are
the droids buying
into their noise

we are the droids
so excited
to feel free of space
freed up of time
as we spend our

being locked
in and looking
through their
glasses controlling
the masses trained
to look ~ look

down at
stagnant time
refusing to
look up and

we pass
by what is
real and all
that we feel
goes nowhere

delighted by
the artificial and
that marketing
automated service
controlled by
those who sold
droids ~ churn
up a Trojan horse

guised as driverless cars
and robots will protect
And save the humans

from 'human error'

the cause of all
accidents that become
creativity, that teach,
and that move the race
forward in time
with time

seven dwarfs directing
the herd as no one
questions or says a
word...but follows as
if the pied piper has
led us all to its master.

willingly we believe
they are real
because they said
they are filling a
need, disguised
as greed

and it's humans
who are
marketing and
professing us
to buy
into concepts

that we need A.I
to speed up, to
demolish or sell.
to free us

and who's to say

that those that profess
to save us from
'human error'and
those around

are the humans
where the biggest
errors can be found

in thinking and feeding
this thought that
those in power who
are creating
this tech knowingly

prophesied to trust
the bots to do
our thinking
for us

think about buying, not
driving or thinking...

they will tell you we
are sinking and that
they can save us...
as they create
and control drones
that betray us.

seven deadly sins
hold the content
spreading out time
cute words
that rhyme
to direct the
content of your

taking away
ur choices,
your time,
in the name
of progress

your joy with pictures

the virtual reality that
cannot be seen

is that we are the
drones, we are the
machine...they are
the control zapping
all of the intelligence
out of your souls

so as you press the app
or play the game,
just remember - the
party always ends

as the truest great minds
know they cannot
control time, nor save
time or give convenience
without stripping those
who believe
of their dignity,
their intellectual

the hypocrisy of
social greed with snacks
and games and events
to entertain
as they
pull you into
the consequences
that can't
be seen...

as they drain
the earth of all
it's worth it's
truly the humans
not the data
that should be
doing the work

by Pamela Horowitz

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