I wish
Don't we all have wishes?
Don't we all want things?
Don't we all need things?

But what if you know
And you have the proof to show
That everyone you know treated you low
And everywhere you went
You were on a guilt trip
Every face you saw
Makes you just want to fall

I have the ultimate gift
It will be your ultimate lift
Just raise your soul
Just let everything go

Trust me with your life
Trust me with your fate
I have the words to relate

Would you die for me?
Would you die for me?
An question without an answer
Give me your words that spread like cancer
Kill me with your thoughts
Kill me with your actions
I have no more traction
I'm slipping away

I'm waiting at the cross roads
Where its so very nice
Its peaceful here and its fine with me
Unlike the world where i used to live
Truth is
I never really wanted to live

by Mitchell Capriotti

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