Poem Hunter
AS (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)


Mike came out of a deep coma after 200 days
And tried to recall the events of that tragic night
When he and Alexa went on a walk, a full moon seemed to blaze
He was alarmed, ''We had a full moon two weeks ago, it's not moonlight''
They were in a daze when the moon grew bigger, sinking rapidly below
''Oh my God, it's a UFO, '' Alexa cried out, and took to her heels
The object hung overhead, and ceased to rotate, casting an eerie glow
It shone a direct beam at Alexa, and when she melted away, Mike felt blue around the gills
He fell into a faint before a UFO flew up, and was no longer in sight
Seven years after, a cemetery caretaker heard someone moving outside
He walked out and found a sorrowful angel standing at a grave, with wings - black and white
She said, ''He was the only earthling I ever loved, and it was through my unforgivable fault that he had died''

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This is very interesting! Sincerely, Mary