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Poem By Professor Poetry Hound

I just realized that we don’t really know what Jesus looked like.
Sure, there are all those artists’ renderings, but they're just
made up. And we certainly don’t know what he’ll look like
when he returns. Why should we assume he’ll have long
stringy brown hair again? Maybe he’ll be balding and will have
a comb-over. Ugh! That would be so tacky! But don’t forget,
he’ll have the power to look however he wants. No bad
hair days for Jesus ever. Then again, maybe he’ll want to look
like a typical person. Maybe he’ll decide to have a beer belly
and wear an “I’m with Stupid” T-shirt. Maybe a big nose
and a prosthetic arm. But with those looks, do you think he’ll
be able to get on TV to deliver his message? He’d better stick
to radio. That's just my opinion.

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Comments (5)

The idea is that Jesus can be anyone, as you say - so we should pay attention to everyone.
i always thought Jesus would be the type to come back with a frizzed-out hairdo like Jon Bon Jovi had in 1986. Jake
Your originality inspires me. Perhaps Jesus won't do well on television, his message being somewhat unprofitable to those whose camel can't fit through the needle's eye. I really enjoyed (ok, admired) this poem.
Hang man! What makes you think he's gonna be a he? Sexist Professor's are not PC these days ya know? lol hmmmmmmmmmmm from Tai
He'll look like Paul Newman circa Cool Hand Luke.....sorry, where was I? Sigh.....Oh yeah, great poem - like I'd expect anything less from you. Hugs Anna xxx