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Combat-Ready Girl
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Combat-Ready Girl

I need a combat-ready girl
Who knows that the world
Is callous and cold,
Waiting to cut you down
Before giving you a chance
Or letting you dance.

She needs to be
A solitude queen,
Close friends
With loneliness
But with inner perseverance.

I want to defend someone
And be defended
From the raging stupidity
And insensitivity
Of heartless society!

True love
Is the unity
Of emotional soldiers,
Fighting for kisses,
Fighting for closeness,
Fighting for trust,
Fighting against all the odds
While sharing embraces
In the march
Toward eternity.

I need this unbreakable bond
Because lonely tears
Have the power
Of decimating bombs,
And one weary soldier
Will not survive
Those bombs alone.

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Comments (6)

This reminds me of a christian ska band from Colorado (i think it's Colorado) . The song was called 'one girl army.' It's a compliment, I swear.
i know what you mean...there aren't many of us left that are willing to fight. eni da kid
this one is great! ......
dude, spot on! altho, most girls i know are too war-weary to give a damn anymore. it is shellshock? Jake
Uriah, This is an amazing poem. Really touching. I love it. Great work as always. -Rachel
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