SD ( / Curitiba Parana, Brazil)

Centenary's Day

A hundred years have passed and gone,
And we are toiling still abroad;
But we are not dismayed, forlorn,
Nor hopeless of redeeming God.

Our fathers bore the stinging lash
Of centuries of slavery's crime;
But we are here without abash,
For we shall win in God's good time.

We wish no evil, harm or hurt,
To those who kept us down so long;
We join with them in ways alert,
To guard good freedom's happy song.

To Afric's shore we're bound again,
In freedom's glory won at large;
In thoughts we claim a just bargain,
To sail in liberty's fair barge.

The world is conscious now of wrongs
To us the sufferers had done;
But now to each, who claims, belongs
The truth-the light of God's own Son.

We wish to live in peace alone,
And bless all men for goodness' sake:
We praise the Lord on Glory's throne;
To Him our Altars we do make.

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