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Poem By Janet White

Come to live with me in the secret place
We will stay there always resting in His grace.
Come and drink and never thirst again,
Come let my mighty God be your best friend.
I am only a spectator of the destruction all around me,
His mercy hovers over me while His angels surround me.
They protect me and lift me up that no stone can hurt my feet.
God has a love worth finding and it is so very sweet.
You shall be afraid no longer of the terrors of the night.
Now even though darkness surrounds you, you shall see the light.
He hides me in His shelter and sits me high upon a rock,
While He waits for you to join us as part of His flock.
Don't you hear our Father calling?
Won't you hearken to His voice?
There is no God like our God,
And now's the time to make your choice.
Call to the Name above all names.
The manifestation of God's grace.
If you don't, then I'm sorry,
But you'll never see this place.
From The Womb To The Tomb From the womb to the tomb
In heaven there is a baby boom
Of all the unborn babies for which
The parents had no room.
God grasp them up and hold them tight
The thousands killed by day and night.
He gave them love and hushed their cry
But who will wipe the tear from God's eye.
He see's a nation slipping away
He see's a world full of decay
He calls and He cries "Come to me"
But they spit in His face, for they cannot see.
They're blinded by ambition, money and greed,
Selfish and thoughtless, having lost all sensitivity
They kill their babies, a part of themselves.
The love that grew inside you, now is gone
From the womb to the tomb
It's got to be wrong.

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