(* Come_2_Me*)

misssing you missing me my heart is locked and you have the key. I messed up inthe past but that was back then I feel like I'm out of your heart can i come back in? I want to start over, can i have a second chance. Im not talkn bout sex im talkn bout romance. Can i be yours and you be mines just like Justin Timberlake until the end of time. I miss you, come back to me come see how my loving can really be. I have changed you will see. I will never lie or cheat. I told you what was up when i was down on my luck. I wanted to be with you I wanted to be your boo. I tried to keep it real and tell you what was the deal but you played me on the sly all i could do was cry. I still text you everyday or call just to say hey. But its ok cause I know that it will never be.............just you and me (as one) . I wanted to be your wife and possibly in your life, but I will soon get over you. Maybe we will be together Maybe we wont, It doesnt matter cause SOON you will come to me.

by Kiid Dukah

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