Feel the wind, and let yourself feel
life again.. Don't shut your eye's, feel
the color of the skies.. Deep inside, let
your spirit rise.. Come outside! The river
is high. Come on in. won't you come on in..
Let yourself, float weightlessly again! .. See
the sun streaming down.. Feel your hear, as it
pounds.. Nobody else around, such a peaceful
feeling found.. Lay back, listen to the sound..
Take a deep breath, and let yourself drift under,
come back up.. Smell the rain, hear the thunder..
Let back into your life, the wonder.. Come feel,
the wonder! ..

by Rebecca Navarre

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Thank You! ! ! Judy And Crow, For Such An Ever So Beautifully Kind Reply! ! ! ! ! Glad To Hear It Brought Smiles! ! ! ! ! :) Your Poetry Ever So Beautifully Sings! ! ! ! ! With Nature, Magic And Heart It Rings! ! ! ! ! Thank You Again Ever So Much! ! ! ! ! :) Ever So Many Blessings! ! ! ! ! And Smiles! ! ! ! !
This is full of such uplifting phrasing. It is a joy to read. Thank you Becca.