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Come, A Ghazal In English
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Come, A Ghazal In English

Poem By Ravi Kopra

After the darkness, the night of my sorrows has come
Before the evening of sorrows a new morning will come

I had hoped the new year would bring me love and luck
Hardly I knew how cold the new year would become

My ex promised to be with me in the new year
She found some other lover and did not come

Some times I feel lonely and want a lovely woman
They make promises to visit me but do not ever come

I came. I saw, I won, said a warrior once
I never win anyting whether I go or come

My wife made me angry, I left her alone for the night
She begged me to come back home, still I did not come

She was not pretty. Anyhow she seduced me
I spent with her the whole night but not once did I come

Nothing is forever. Things come and go. But the priest says -
When everybody in the world is gone and dead, Jesus will come

Ravi's enemies gave him hard times. They almost killed him
To haunt them mercilessly, he promised, in their dreams he'd come

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