Come Around

The way i felt when you were near,
i haven't felt this same way ever since.
Like goodbye isn't the only fear,
some thing in your smile made me wince.
And love wasn't even on my mind,
but my eyes got tired following you around.
I felt like i left my heart behind,
i heard a voice saying, you'll come around.
No one said a thing but maybe you knew,
that since you felt some thing for me, i'll.
I just couldn't keep my eyes off you,
walking and talking but under your spell.
I stare away at the stars at night,
and i imagine a pattern of a life with you.
I close my eyes and hold the thought tight,
i say a prayer and like my dream came true.
I imagine too much but that's what i seek,
and i'm not afraid to say that at this time.
I'm strong enough to confess that i'm weak,
i need to sattle some where in a home that's mine.
Some patterns of life has to end eventually,
i can't be alone any more and just fool around.
I just knew it the very day you came to me,
enough of thoughts and i've finally came around.

by Eman Awad

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Very beautiful poem Eman.